A line is:

A line can have different qualities - it can be curved or straight, thin or thick, loose or precise, delicate or bold, expressive or controlled. The qualities of a line will evoke different feelings; a curved line feels natural and organic, while a straight line feels manmade and mechanical. A delicate line feels soft and feminine, while a bold line feels strong and masculine.

A horizontal line reminds us of a calm horizon or a person lying down; it implies quiet and rest. A vertical line makes us think of a skyscraper or a person standing straight and tall; it feels strong and aspiring. A vertical line contains potential for activity, and so creates a more energetic feeling than a horizontal line. A diagonal line is like a bolt of lightening or a person leaning forward poised to run; it suggests energy and movement. Diagonal lines are the most dynamic.

Not all lines are actual lines; sometimes we perceive lines that are not really there. Implied lines are created by a series of points, such as a dotted line or a group of people standing in a row. Psychic lines are not real at all, but are lines we feel; for example when a figure’s eyes are looking in a specific direction or when a line or shape is pointing at something.

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