8.5X11 brochure, 3-fold brochure, Black and Gray Duotones. Design, Photo Direction, Print coordination.
Weyerhaeuser's In-house Wellness Center exporting expertise to outside clients.


Kitchenware accessories and cookware. Packaging designs, product comps and product sheets.
Photo directed studio product shots.


Kent Art Commission 30 Year Anniversary Book
Included timline of events and performances and historic milestones of the commission.

Kent Arts Festival
design of poster, and marketing materials


Inside spread for automotive fan counter catalog. Design, photo direction, project management.
This spread was for Electric Fans, another with red background, was for belt driven fans.


Poster for musical performance


Ad for wintersports program from Kent Parks and Recreaction.


Logo design, brochure design and photo direction
for capabilitiy brochure of exotic metals forming company.

1 of a series of silkscreened posters for safety and quality issues at Weyerhaeuser locations.


Packaging for gag gift.

Poster for Cable Association. Congress and the FCC were dragging feet
on legislation that would save many small market cable companies.
Design and Illustration.


Design, photo direction and ad production for Canadian Forest Products.
Logo, brochures, packaging and tradeshow exhibits.


Design and photo direction for packaging, product sheets and ads for stove top grill.

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